World Masters Athletics Toronto 2020

The World Masters Athletics Toronto 2020 (WMATO2020), scheduled to take place from July 20 – August 1, 2020, is a world championship caliber event for the sport of athletics (track and field) for male and female athletes aged 35 years and over. Athletes from over 80 countries will compete in stadia and non-stadia events in various age categories, with winners and medalists, in all age groups. Eleven days of competition in a 13-day program is open to all athletes, with no qualification standards, with the exception that athletes must be members of their respective regional organizations. In addition to sport competition, the WMATO2020 will feature an Opening and Closing Ceremony, an Athlete’s Party, and community engagement events, in addition to two days reserved for regional and world-wide meetings of delegates. The WMATO2020 will offer a total of 550 individual sport competition events within the City of Toronto. The event is expected to attract between 7,000-9,000 athletes, and approximately 4,000 accompanying friends and family, over the 13-day event.

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World Masters Athletics

World Masters Athletics (WMA) Championships have been held by 18 different nations and 23 cities world-wide since its inception in Toronto in 1975. The Championships are held every two years and the success of the event has motivated an expansion of the program to now include seven Indoor Championships (in alternating years). The WMA Championships are recognized by the World Athletics (Formerly known as the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF) as the pinnacle event for masters aged competitors.

The outdoor championships began in Toronto, Canada on August 11, 1975 and have continued in odd numbered years. In July 2011, World Masters Athletics changed their constitution to hold Championships in even numbered years, beginning in 2016 in Perth, Australia.  Later Road Racing Championships called Non-Stadia Championships were added, starting in Birmingham, England August 29–30, 1992. Indoor Championships in even numbered years started SindelfingenGermany, March 10–14, 2004.

For more information regarding the World Masters Athletics organization and past WMA Championships click here. 

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