The World Masters Athletics Toronto 2020 (WMATO2020) will feature the world’s best track and field athletes age 35 and up, for 13 days of world class competition, inspiring performances, and incredible achievements, as we celebrate diversity in the most multicultural city in the world!

Since its inception in Toronto in 1975, the WMA Championships have been held by 18 different nations and 23 cities world-wide. As the pinnacle event for master’s athletics, on its 45th anniversary, the Championships will be returning to the place where it all began.

The success of WMATO2020 depends on the expansion of the program to ensure the success of the core objective of executing a spectacular Championship, as well as the success of other key events including the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Canada Welcomes Celebrations.

With a legacy goal of $25 million in impact, investment in WMATO2020 will boost athletics locally and across the province, ensure diversified media coverage of sport and culture and create an experienced and committed volunteer pool. With a reach that spans the globe WMATO2020 will engage over 70 nations, while enhancing the reputation of Toronto and Ontario as a world-class culturally diverse host.

But we can’t do this without your support.

Become a Sponsor

Through the support of our generous donors, along with the collaborative support of our community partners, the WMATO2020 is proud to host the Championships and supporting special events designed to increase community engagement, boost athletics locally and celebrate cultural diversity in the spirit of the Championships.

Our sponsors provide a critical source of funding where companies, non-profits, and businesses contribute financially or through incentives in exchange for both visibility and brand awareness at the events.  This enables the WMATO2020 to cover the costs of executing the Championships and ensures the greater legacy of the event continues to expand.

Types of sponsors can include

  • Media Sponsorships
  • Financial Donations
  • In-Kind Sponsorships
  • Promotional Sponsorships

All sponsors, regardless of type will receive recognition at WMATO2020 and throughout all our venues.  For more information regarding any of our specific events, sponsorship levels and the benefits and recognition associated with each level, please contact John Craig at

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