Athletics Ontario has officials’ recruitment and training process in place for new officials, drawing from many potential pools (track clubs, parents, former athletes and Melanie’s volunteer organization).

There are five levels for officials (1 through 5). The first three are provincial jurisdiction and upgrading through those just requires experience up to the provincial championship level, including formal mentoring/evaluations (two for level 3).

Levels 4 and 5 are under the jurisdiction of NOC (National Officials Council) and those require experience and mentoring/evaluations at the National or National Championship level of meets. It is NOC that designates which meets are N or NC but I would fully expect WMA champs would be an N level meet.

Even if specific evaluation opportunities are not arranged for WMAs, the credits would be useful for people upgrading to those higher levels.

NOC would have stipulations with regards to acknowledging an evaluation opportunity as suitable, in addition to the level of the meet, such as there being enough of an officials team to chief (such as for horizontals or umpire or whatever).

This means that there would be incentive for officials to volunteer for the WMA Championships. There’s an off-chance that other provincial branches might be willing to pay the travel for a couple of their officials to come to Toronto (room and board being provided by LOC).


Athletics Ontario (AO) has a standard introductory clinic for new officials. There are currently six officials qualified to give this course (and usually there are two or three who present any given clinic). Clinics are generally given in response to a request from an outside group (such as a track club that wants to build up their local base of officials in advance of a meet they are hosting).

Many of those who take one of these clinics end up registering as an AO official.

Athletics Ontario is looking to expand the number of certified clinicians who could give the clinic.

Athletics Ontario also has a welcome package for new registered officials that provide details on upgrading (also available on the AO site) and information on how to get invited to various meets. There are incentives in place to encourage upgrading (ie. level 1 gets an AO name tag, level 2 is eligible for more extensive mileage, level 3 gets an AO t-shirt).


Standard practice in Ontario is that Officials accommodation is covered as an expense of the competition (double occupancy), and that meals are also covered. Meals are provided on site during breaks in competition. Breakfast and dinner are at the hotel, or provided on a per diem basis. Travel costs are covered according to the Athletics Ontario Travel Policy on a per mileage basis (which is fair).


Among other things, we can leverage planned high-end meets in the years leading up to 2020 to get new officials interested and involved, such as Ottawa hosting the National Junior-Senior Championships in 2017 and 2018.

We’ve also had several officials come up through the Toronto Track Volunteer group. This group is mentioned elsewhere in this document (see below), but it is a volunteer organization providing service to our local track meets while fulfilling the demands of the educational system for high school students to provide volunteer service to the community.

We will also target teachers given their increased availability in July/August. The Ontario High School track and field programs are second to none (except maybe Texas and California), and our high school coaches and officials are excellent….a great source of future officials.


Toronto Track Volunteers: This is a volunteer group that supports track and field (athletics) events and education in Toronto. The organization began in 2009 with no branding or official name, but it has since expanded to become a vital part of our sport in the local area. The city was in need of trained and organized volunteers to facilitate the Canadian National Outdoor Athletics Championships for both 2009 and 2010. Their vision is to be a leader in the track and field experience by providing opportunities to volunteer, personal growth and leadership. Most recently, the Toronto Track Volunteers provided critical support to Toronto’s hosting of the Pan American Games in 2015. Visit the website at:


Officials will be outfitted with Championship Golf Shirts (and other clothing if available), giving them a souvenir of their participation, and providing the Championships with a unified and professional look.


Ian Reid (Committee member) and Rene van Andel will be the principals responsible for recruitment and scheduling of officials. Rene and Ian are registered officials with Athletics Ontario and Athletics Canada.


In 2015 Athletics Ontario had 156 officials registered in the local area. All are available for these Championships.

For the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games we had 110 officials, 94 of whom were from Ontario.

For the 2015 Toronto ParaPan American Games, we had 90 officials, 77 of whom were from Ontario.


Toronto is home to a number of dedicated sports medicine facilities, which cater to athletes and provide physiotherapy services. It also has many state-of-the-art-trained athletic therapists and EMS professionals who can be called upon to attend events and/or provide on-demand services.

The health care system in Ontario is comprised of emergent and elective services for acute, chronic and rehabilitative needs. The services, based in hospitals or provided by physicians, are funded by government, while the private sector is active in providing complementary services such as physiotherapy, dental, dietary, chiropractic and supportive nursing care.

There are 41 hospitals in the Toronto area with designated trauma centres and leading-edge clinical programs in acute medical care, surgical excellence, mental health programs and pediatric care. Virtually every sport venue lies within the catchment area of a hospital with emergency facilities and all have protocols for transferring patients based on the required medical service and available space. Toronto boasts a number of dedicated sports medicine facilities, which cater to sports injuries, and provide physiotherapy services.


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Lead Trauma Hospital) – 20.1 km/8.9 km

St Michael’s Hospital (Lead Trauma Hospital) – 42.8 km/2.1km

The Hospital for Sick Children (Lead Trauma Pediatric Hospital) – 20.9 km/700 m

Toronto Western Hospital – 19.5 km/1.8 km

Michael Garron Hospital – 37.5 km/8.3 km

Toronto General Hospital – 21.1 km/750 m

North York General Hospital – 20.6 km/15.8 km

St Joseph’s Health Centre – 20.7 km/6.1 km

Widely considered one of the finest emergency medical service systems in the world, Toronto EMS is the largest municipal paramedic ambulance service in Canada and one of the most comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care systems in North America. It operates from 45 ambulance stations located across the city. The transfer of patients to local health care facilities is at the discretion of Toronto EMS based on the type and severity of injury, location, facility availability and other factors


Each of our facilities will have a dedicated area for physiotherapists and medical services. Physiotherapy will be available from the championships hosts (for a fee), and room will be available to personnel that accompany athletes to the championships. The ice rink at Varsity Arena will house medical services while the indoor track facility at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre will be utilized for the same purpose. Both locations have immediate access (within 200m) to the corresponding field of play. Each location will have full medical teams and available physiotherapy and massage therapy options. First responders will also be available on site with ambulance services.

Sport Physiotherapy Canada is an organization that will be able to provide graduate physiotherapists and physiotherapy students at each of the facilities and will be available for all athletes that are competing. Toronto Paramedics will be providing ambulances on site as well as trained paramedics for all immediate medical care that will be needed on the spot.

The York Lions Stadium and Toronto Track and Field Centre, located on the York University campus, are within 6.7km and a 12 minute drive of North York General Hospital.   555 Finch Ave West, Toronto, Ontario M2R 1N5

The closest hospital to Varsity Stadium is Toronto General Hospital. It is located 2km south of the facility and is a 5 minute drive.
200 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C4


Drug testing in Canada is managed by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). As testing falls under the guidance of the WMA we will provide appropriate facilities (clean and private washrooms and waiting rooms, plus water, towels and other amenities as required and appropriate). These facilities will be secure and we will provide volunteers to assist with tests as required.