In celebration of sport, culture and Ontario’s incredible diversity, World Masters Athletics Toronto 2020 (WMATO2020) is pleased to present the Canada Welcomes program from July 20 – August 1, 2020!  Funded by the Government of Ontario an the City of Toronto, the Canada Welcomes program will showcase the beauty and diversity of the City’s many vibrant cultural groups and organizations to the athletes and visitors of WMATO2020.  

A key piece of the Program will be the Canada Welcomes Festival which will feature three-days of cultural and sport engagement for WMA athletes, their families and residents of the greater Toronto area.  The Festival will take place at the University of Toronto from July 25 – 27, 2020, and will include a vendor’s expo, a stage showcasing a variety of cultural groups, a beer and wine garden, interactive learning workshops and activities, and a food area highlighting the various cuisines of the City.

Athletes, visiting family, friends and spectators from around the globe can expect to experience a piece of home as each evening will conclude with musical performances and entertainers that celebrate the diversity of our audience and of Toronto  one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

A unique opportunity for bonds to be forged through common language and common backgrounds, fellowship and friendship.

Builds a direct link between our guests and local ethnic & cultural community organizations.

Providing guidance and assurance, and assisting with directions, translations and local knowledge.

Whether you’re a WMATO2020 athlete, visitor, or a resident of the Greater Toronto Area, Canada Welcomes you!

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