At The Championships

The first WMA Championships was held in Toronto in 1975


The opening ceremony will take place on July 19th at 6pm the evening prior to the first day of competition. More details about the ceremonies will be forthcoming as we progress with the applications and approval process. 

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An important aspect to the Championship and athlete’s arrival in Canada and Toronto is a First Nations ceremonial welcome and recognition from our local indigenous peoples.

This opening ceremony will also include a special celebration of the 45 years of WMA Championships that was first hosted by Toronto in 1975. One athlete who participated in the original Toronto Championships is still competing! This stadium is also close to Convocation Hall on the University of Toronto campus that held the inaugural General Assembly and the initial formation of WAVA.

In celebration of the WMA Championships in Toronto, the awe-inspiring architectural and engineering wonder of the world that is a symbol of pride for Toronto and Ontario residents and all Canadians will have a unique light show literally visible for miles around and viewable from the Varsity Stadium. The Tower’s new lighting system is designed to architecturally enhance the CN Tower structure from bottom to top, providing elegant nighttime illumination honoring the legacy of this national icon and landmark. It is installed with an intelligent LED illumination system that is energy efficient and will leave a lasting impression on every competitor.


  • Parade of the delegate nations each preceded by their country flag in alphabetical order ending with the Canadian team delegation
  • Canadian national anthem
  • First Nations ceremonial welcome
  • Welcome by the Chairman of the LOC
  • Speech by the WMA president or his/her representative
  • Athletes oath taken by representative athlete/s
  • Opening of the Championship by the Mayor or Toronto or Minister for Sport
  • Raising of the WMA flag in the stadium and playing of the WMA anthem
  • Departure of the delegations

The ceremony will last no longer than 90 minutes.


The closing ceremony will follow the final day of competition at the Varsity Stadium. All athletes will be invited to attend and take the infield in celebration of their performances and athletic achievements.

The Closing Ceremonies will follow the WMA guide lines:

  • Entrance of the delegate nations en masse
  • Canadian national anthem
  • Speech by the Chairman of the LOC
  • Speech by the WMA president or his/her representative
  • Lowering of the WMA flag in the stadium
  • Handing over the WMA flag to the representative of the LOC of the next WMA Championships
  • Playing of the WMA Hymn & departure of the athletes


The Athletes Party for the Toronto 2020 Championships will take place at a location to be determined


The primary media centre will be located at the TIC based at/adjacent to the primary venue of Varsity Stadium. There will be space for at least 10 working press and access for team managers. The results will be accessible online throughout the Championships and available here for printing once posted and following each event – these will be available at the end of all heats/rounds per event or after the final in an event. Internet access, phone access, photocopiers and printers will be provided at the press centres. Each sporting venue will have a dedicated space/room for media and access for the results.

The primary venue of Varsity Stadium has a media/press box (gallery style) located above the home straight stand on the east side of the track. It has internet and Wi-Fi available along with seating for 15 media/persons. We will have a mixed zone area at the north-east corner which has worked well at previous events here. There is additional space at the building at the south end of the track which could also accommodate either media, WMA officials or VIPs. There are additional spaces at and within close proximity to this venue that could also be utilised.

Any accredited media will have access to all spectator areas and select official spaces at the venues for the purposes of reporting and interviews. Media will have access to dedicated seating in the main stand.

Accredited photographers will have access to all spectator areas and select access at the venues for the purposes for photographing the athletic competition. They must obey the official referees at all times for safety of both athletes and officials/volunteers.

Local media will be invited to attend and support this Championship. Provision will also be made for any international media, bloggers and social media in attendance.

Press releases will be issued by the LOC to local media that support the activities at this WMA Championships. These will be available to accredited and working media, team managers, and may include bid success, athlete profiles, opening and closing ceremonies, select local and international athlete successes.

Social media will play an important role at this event and there will be a high level of engagement prior and throughout the championships. These will be anchored on dedicated Toronto 2020 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media sites. We will also strive to engage athletes through Garmin and Strava sites (or any new and appropriately used social media platforms used in 2020 by the athletes) dedicated to those attending the Championships.

  • The Media and Press Centre will be located at Varsity Stadium
  • The Main Press Centre will be large enough to accommodate all affiliates
  • A Sub Press Center will be located at York Lions Stadium
  • Seats can be reserved for the media
  • Internet access is available at both locations
  • Varsity Stadium can accommodate live-stream Video coverage


All results will be utilizing Hy-Tek Meet Manager’s Realtime Results and will be posted online once each event concludes. Anyone from around the world will be able to get these up to the minute results directly from the TO2020 website. Postings at the facilities will also be made for immediate viewing by athletes and managers during the competition. Results will be submitted to provincial, national and international bodies to post on their websites daily or as often as each of them would like to receive them. Links to live results will be provided to all outlets for any news reports that are being managed during competition.

Media and managers will have access to all updates to results and be able to report on them immediately as they happen. Physical copies will also be available at press boxes and team manager rooms.

Results from Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager can be released in a number of formats and can be made available in alternate formats for teams, managers, or media personnel upon request.


Active Network’s Hy-Tek Sports Software is one of the most widely used meet managing programs in the world. It has also become the primary program used throughout Canada for athletics and its usage has been effective at administering the sport of throughout the province of Ontario. Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager has been used within the city for over 20 years in tandem with FinishLynx’s timing systems. The national and provincial bodies of the sport continue to utilize Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager and are committed to the usage of the software for the WMA World Championships.

As the host of the World Masters Athletics Championships, we will be fully utilizing all of Active Network’s Hy-Tek software. All entries will be used within its Meet Manager and Team Manager programs. As in previous years, online registration will be provided by Simply Register. They have provided the online registration system for all WMA Outdoor Championships since 2011, as well as for Indoor Championships in 2012 and 2014. Simply Register (, a company based in Indiana, USA specializes in online registration for track and field meets, road running races, and other participatory events. It is a powerful resource used for its simplified registration and verification system. It is able to provide full reports that can also be imported into Active Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager’s database. All performance lists will be posted well ahead of time in order for coaches and athletes to plan ahead for training leading up to the competition.

All results from the competition will be made available by all levels of the sport and will be uploaded on the go with Meet Manager’s Realtime Results. Anyone from around the world will be able to get up to the minute results as soon as an event is completed. This will all be found on the competition website as well as other outlets such provincial and national sports organizations such as Athletics Ontario and Ontario Masters Association. Results will also include all pertinent information such as photo finish images, and athlete profiles.


Toronto is Canada’s media hub and the fourth largest media cluster in North America. Headquarters of the majority of the country’s major newspapers and magazines are located in Toronto including radio and television programming for Canada’s national broadcaster—CBC—two national newspapers—The Globe and Mail and The National Post—The Score, six major daily papers, 16 television stations and over 34 radio stations. The Toronto Star and 24 Hours Toronto, which is offered free throughout the city, have the highest daily circulation in the country.

Known for its multicultural diversity, Toronto offers visitors access to a suite of full-service ethnic radio and television stations. As well, more than 100 ethnic newspapers, including 11 non-English dailies, are published in and around the city.

Toronto boasts four all-sports television networks, a number of specialty sport networks and one of the first all-sports radio stations in the world.


Managers and Assistant Managers (“Managers”) of country teams will be accredited by the LOC, based on information provided to the LOC by the official Masters organization of the country involved, and the provision of appropriate identification by the Manager. Accreditation will be provided to a reasonable number of Managers from each country, depending upon the number of athletes registered for the Championships from that country. Upon accreditation, the Managers will be provided with a Championships Accreditation, which must be worn at all times when the Manager is at a Championships venue, and must be shown upon request to all officials or volunteers, when carrying out any duties on behalf of the team. The Accreditation will allow the Manager to have access to all venues of the Championships, including access to areas otherwise restricted; when necessary to serve the best interests of athletes of that country, taking into account all safety and security concerns. A Team Managers’ desk or location will be provided in the Technical Information Centre (“TIC”), from which the Managers will obtain their Accreditation, and which will remain open throughout the Championships, to provide to Managers information which is of particular interest or Managers.

The LOC will provide a meeting location, with convenient access from the TIC, at which daily meetings of Team Managers will be held, during the days of Championship competition. The same location will be available throughout the Championships, to be booked by the Managers for meetings of country teams. At the daily Managers’ Meetings, the LOC, the WMA and appropriate representatives of other groups involved in organizing the Championships, will provide daily reporting to the representatives of the country teams, relating to issues that have arisen during the Championships, changes that have or will be made in the organization of the Championships or individual events, or any of the non-competition arrangements associated with Championships, to serve as a conduit to the athletes.

Team Managers will also be provided an area, near the TIC, where bulletin boards or other appropriate spaces will be provided for each country, upon which the LOC will post information which they wish to have broadly disseminated, and team Managers will be able to post notices on any subject, intended for the information of the members of their country’s team.