Toronto is renowned for its world-class hospitality, welcoming nearly 30 million visitors a year. Home to some of the world’s best accommodations, with amenities to meet every need and every budget, the city offers a wide range of accommodations suitable to host the World Masters Athletics 2020. With 230 hotels/40,000 rooms in downtown Toronto and 50+ hotels/13,000 rooms in the Toronto West area, we have multiple options available to suit your requirements.


All competitors’ meals along with family and friends will be at their own expense. There are lots of options of meals in the hotels and residences along with a large assortment of restaurants in the general area of each of the hotels. Concessions and food trucks will be available for competitors and spectators at each of the venues.

Make sure that you, your participants and officials bring their appetites with them when they visit Toronto. From Peruvian to Japanese, paper napkins to white linen, Toronto’s dining options are truly unlimited. Those seeking comfort cuisines will savour food that not only soothes, but also inspires. And the most discerning epicureans will have their appetites satisfied by star chefs. Whatever you crave, Toronto can satisfy any taste.

Choose from over 9,000 restaurants across Toronto and the surrounding regions reflecting delicious global tastes, cultures and ingredients with that unique dash of Toronto flair.


At the main venues; Varsity Stadium, York Lions Stadium and Toronto Track and Field Centre – concessions and food trucks will be available for a wide variety of options.

eg. Ali’s Wraps, Hollywood Cone, Shopsy’s, Gourmet Guyz, Vesta Lunch on Wheels

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