The Athletes Party for the Toronto 2020 Championships will take place at an iconic location downtown with unprecedented views. The historic John Street Roundhouse was originally a Canadian Pacific Rail steam locomotive repair facility from the 1920’s and now houses the aptly named Steam Whistle Brewery. The Railways were fundamental in helping pioneer this nation and along with its neighbour, the CN Tower, showcase an important aspect to Canadian history and culture.

Steamwhistle photo w tower

The party event, for approximately 1000 guests, will be hosted within the Roundhouse’s original spaces, with 30-foot ceilings, hand-hewn wooden support pillars and exposed red brick, as well as the ‘round’ central patio with its staggering views looking up the world-famous CN Tower, at over 550 metres into the sky.

This unique athlete event will be like no other. Along with, live music, excellent food and world-class local Ontario wine and beer, we will provide special access to the top of the world. Inclusive will be special access to visit the CN Tower across the street from the Roundhouse where you can enjoy the thrilling views over Toronto and Lake Ontario from three observation levels. Stretching out to the horizon, visibility on a clear day from the tower can reach 160km. And while you’re there, dare to look 342m straight down from the world famous Glass Floor.

The CN Tower will also celebrate the WMA Championships with a special lighting display for the opening ceremony and the Athletes Party, The Tower’s lighting system is designed to architecturally enhance the CN Tower structure from bottom to top, providing elegant night time illumination honoring the legacy of this national icon and landmark. It is installed with an intelligent LED illumination system that is energy efficient and one of a kind. This display is literally visible for miles around!