Every facet of our activities was organised to ensure that the credentials of Toronto were properly and appropriately presented, to prove the value and advantages of your City hosting the 2020 WMA World Masters Track and Field Championships. We all had a very enjoyable visit. It is fair to say that the quality of the venues that you presented surpassed our expectations and many of pre-conceived concerns that we held were addressed and resolved. –  Stan Perkins – WMA President


The WMA Technical Visit took place on June 25th and 26th
(L-R) Paul Osland – LOC Executive, Stan Perkins – WMA President, Brian Keaveney – WMA Non-Stadia, Vern Christensen – LOC, Margit Jungmann – WMA VP, Simon Rayner – LOC, Damian Dupuis – LOC, John Craig – LOC Chair, Shelley Crawford – LOC, Winston Thomas – WMA Secretary, Serge Beckers – WMA Stadia, Doug Smith – LOC Executive

The photo was taken at the Steamwhistle Brewery Roundhouse – proposed site of the Athlete’s Party


Katie Ozolins – Executive Director of Athletics Ontario (red hat) and Rob Guy – CEO of Athletics Canada (black shirt) welcomed the delegation to the Toronto Track and Field Centre

2016-06-25 WMA 6

The scoreboard at the York Lions (Pan Am) Stadium welcomed the delegates

2016-06-25 WMA 1

University of Toronto Head Coach Carl Georgevski, welcomed the inspection of Varsity Stadium

WMA Sun 1

On Sunday morning, Race Director Gary Westgate (center) hosted the tour of Centennial Park – proposed site of the Cross Country races

WMA Sun 4

Race Director Stafford Whalen (center) describes the Centennial Boulevard Road Racewalk course

WMA Sun 9

Co-Race Director George Hubbard (pointing) describes the Half Marathon course on Toronto Islands

WMA Mon 3

Councillor Michael Thompson – Chair of the Toronto Economic Development and Culture Committee addresses the delegation at Monday’s Breakfast. Michael confirmed the City’s support for the TO2020 bid.