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Toronto hosted the first World Masters Track and Field Championships in 1975

WAVA – World Association of Veteran Athletes
(changed to World Masters Athletics)

The Organizing Committee

TO 1975 Org Committee


TO 1975 Cover

TO 1975 Results 1

TO 1975 Results 2

TO 1975 Results 3


1975 Competitors

Sacramento World Championships 2011
The Male Competitors who competed in Toronto 1975
Jerry Smartt USA, Derek Howarth UK, Ed Whitlock CAN, Ron Franklin UK, Arthur Walsham UK


Ed Whitlock CAN ran the Cross Country (21st), 800m (5th),
1500m (4th), 4X400m Relay (3rd) at the 1975 Championships.
He ran the anchor leg and was the last runner on the track for the meet!

Ed Whitlock photojoiner

Irene Obera USA won the Bronze in the 100m (12.5) in TO1975
Irene is still competing – recently at the 2016 USATF Indoors (photo by Rob Jerome)

Irene Obera


1975 Opening Ceremonies

Pix - 1975 Opening

Ralph Lang (L) was still competing until 2017

Taylor Ralph


Cross Country start in Sunnybrook Park

Pix - 1974 XC

1975 Bling


TO 1975 Patch